The Evening Shadow



It seems to me that Giacometti’s art aims at discovering that secret wound that all beings and even things have in common, so as to let them be illuminated by it.
Jean Genet

Evening Shadow takes inspiration from the life and work of Alberto Giacometti, whose universe is evoked in a silent and essential tale composed of images and movement.
A movement that never corresponds to mere displacement, but rather to a more profound, intimate quality.
The dramaturgical structure draws its inspiration from the work of Giacometti: precise forms from which some potential quality of movement can be drawn, combined with their respective fragments of humanity to be evoked.
The story develops through a female point of view inspired by the three women in his life: his mother Annetta, his wife Annette and the prostitute Caroline.
For Giacometti, the great adventure consisted in seeing something unknown blossom in the same visage every day. In this sense, the performance will mainly be inspired by his gaze.
To discover and to reveal that the substance of which these slender figures are made is neither martyred flesh nor meatless bones, but rather a special membrane, invisible and unknown which, like bones sensitive to the rain, bursts into flame upon contact with a gaze that is pure.
A gaze which is able to penetrate the most hidden wound and unveil its solitary and painful beauty. It is about real-life portraiture that we are talking about, and not abstract art.
It will be a real-life portrait.


Direction, lights, scenes | Alessandro Serra

With | Chiara Michelini

Production | Teatropersona

Co-production |  Fondazione Centro Giacometti (CH), Centro Giacometti



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