The Prince Midnight



Good evening! Are you ready to hear the tale of Prince Midnight?

You must be very brave, for it is a mysterious, fun and entertaining story, but also a bit scary.

Once upon a time there is a prince: I say “is” because he isn’t dead, poor guy; but back to the point there is a prince called Midnight, born on midnight and helplessly in love with darkness and the stars. Because you can’t see stars without being in the dark, right?

Everybody thinks that the night harbors and hides ghosts, wolves and witches, whereas daylight makes the world splendid and serene instead. And yet, it is during the night that dreams come to life.

But even the sweetest of dreams can turn into nightmare, just like it happened to our poor prince, forced to hide in this magical dresser to escape from the curse of the terrifying witch Valeriana.

The witch had in fact fallen so much in love with our pale prince that when he rejected her she cast a curse upon him: the day the prince were to fall in love, he would turn into a hideous creature. Scary, isn’t it?

Since then Midnight, shrunk down with his entire castle and all his servants, lives lonesome and sad, waiting for somebody to break the curse. But, what’s this? Somebody has entered the castle?

There is great confusion, chases, slamming doors, lights that come and go, it seems like the story is about to begin.

All that’s left to do is to enter if we want to know how the story ends, yes, right through the dresser, I told you it’s magical, have no fear, the prince is very welcoming, a true gentleman, come in, do come in, it’s almost like you never stepped into a dresser…


“… for the effective scenography full of inventive, the originality of the text and the ability to draw in the audience”


By | Alessandro Serra

With | Alice Bossi, Andrea Castellano, Marco Vergati

Direction, scenes, lights | Alessandro Serra

Shadows | Chiara Carlorosi

Produced by | Compagnia Teatropersona



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